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The project implementation was through research and postgraduate students (PhD Core Group and Local Group) from KLIP and GOLIP with technical advisors (local and international partners).

Key Milestones:

 Dunga fish-night held in 2013 has been replicated as Dunga Community Cultural festival in 2014 and 2015 respectively, thus becoming an annual event.

 Miyandhe fish cage farming, within Lake Victoria. The fish cage farming is a success story with uptake and replication from locals and corporate.

 Capacity building and training on alternative sources of livelihood other than the predominant fishing leading to exchange programs with Swedish partners.

 Facilitation of twelve PhDs to enhance capacity of partnering institutions.

 Construction of modern Eco-lodges at Miyandhe beach for tourism ventures and opening of the interior tourist sites

Mainstreaming of Ecotourism

JOOUST has initiated the process of strengthening Miyandhe Community Based Tourism (MCBT).  The project team was also engaged involving the community at Miyandhe in demonstration of fish cage farming, within Lake Victoria, a project funded by JOOUST income generating activity. The fish cage farming is a success story where two harvest have been done and supplying to the community and other traders as far as Kisumu. The Community has picked this prototype and two more sites of fish cage have been established within Miyandhe Beach neighbourhood.

Dunga Community Ecotourism Festival was organized by the PhD Core (KLIP and GOLIP) thereby launched the establishment of Dunga Cultural Museum.
KLIP specifically was instrumental in organizing Kisumu Fashion week which took place on 5th September, 2015 Pankies hotel at Tuffoam Mall in Kisumu. Other notable milestone, are participation in Western Kenya Tourism Cultural Event that included: Cultural exhibitions, media briefings, testing traditional cuisine and cruise tourism in MV. Lake Victoria

Prototype Development
Land value at Miyandhe has appreciated in anticipation of further development and uptake of cage fishing and eco-lodge development. The county government of Siaya has also improved the access road to the beach. Miyandhe and Dunga prototypes have triggered development in their respective  neighborhoods with more activities and infrastructure development proposed as well as more eco-ventures established.
Miyandhe Eco-facility being supported by KLIP

Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage
Upscaling Community Museum at Dunga Beach is a collaboration of the community, the PhD students and National Museum of Kenya to enhance branding. The Community museum prototype is being established at KLIP House with in-put from Dunga Community and the National Museum. It is envisaged the community museum with enhance product diversification in various sites once demonstration has been done at KLIP house
A container model for demonstration of community museum ventures at KLIP Offices

Mainstreaming eco-ventures initiatives through youth and women empowerment can lead to sustained livelihood and enhanced social capital. In Abindu, Ogal and Dunga sites youth and women involvement in eco-ventures has been up-scaled and viewed as alternative livelihoods through Ecotourism and Environment Conservation Groups. . In some sites like Dunga and Kit Mikayi, the local community has organized themselves into CMOs for resource harnessing and development courtesy of KLIP research initiatives.

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