Thursday, May 30, 2024

Key substantive areas for research and practice have also been identified and are called TRACKs – Transformative Research Activities through Co-producing Knowledge. The TRACKs contribute to, and are informed by, the Core Processes; each TRACK can be considered as including and intersecting with processes of change, knowledge production/management and governance.

TRACK 1: Socio-ecological Transformations:The socio-ecological transformations TRACK deals with bi-directional impacts between social and biophysical environments and with issues of urban ecological sustainability.

TRACK 2: Socio-spatial Transformations:The socio-spatial transformations TRACK deals with the built environment and spatial form of a city.

TRACK 3: Socio-cultural Transformations: The socio-cultural transformations TRACK deals with urban life and human development in a city

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