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Harnessing Social Capital to Improve Food Security of Peri-Urban Households. Experiences From Kisumu City, Kenya (2019)


  Land Tenure Challenges in Kisumu City,Kenya(2019)

Thinking for Entrepreneurship in Frugal Contexts(2019)

Design Effect of Mobile Telephony Utilisation on The Business Environment of Fishers in Lake Victoria, Kisumu West Sub County Kenya (2018)

Nature And Trends of Rural Women's Labour in Subsistence Agriculture During Colonial Period in Samia, Western Kenya(2018)

Spatial  and Urbanisation of Poverty: The Impending Challenges of Spatial Exclusion of Informal Traders In Kisumu City, Kenya(2017)

Spatial Location Factors Affecting The Integration of Urban Agriculture Into Land Use Planning of Eldoret Municipality, Kenya(2016)




Nature Based Eco-Tourism Projects as A Strategy to Leverage HIV/AIDS Prevelance Along..(2020)

The Cost-Implication of Reaching Universal Coverage of Maternity Health Services in Siaya County, Western Kenya(2020)

Modelling The Impact of Traveling Time on the Utilization of Maternity Services Using Routine Health Facility Data in Siaya County, Western Kenya(2020)

 The Beaches of Usenge and Mageta Island, Usigu Division,Siaya County, Kenya(2020)  

Cultural Economy: Is Culture at the Center of a City’s Economy(2020)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission Scenarios From Motorised Road Transport In Kisumu City(2020)

Implications of Transport Policies on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission From Motorised Road Transport (2020)

  Computing the Geographic Extent of Maternity Health Services to Predict the Utilization of Skilled Delivery in Siaya County, Western Kenya (2020)

Influence of Circulation Space Configuration Attributes on The Location of Economic Enterprises In Obunga Informal Settlement, Kisumu City(2020)

Empirical Evaluation of Environmental Implication Of Urban and Peri-Urban Agricultural Practises in Kisii Town(2019)

'Planning Commercial Development In Rapidly Urbanising Population(2018)

Spatio-Temporal Implications of Land Use Change in Kisii Town, Kenya(2018)

Transport Pooling as A Mitigation Strategy For Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission(2018)

 Rainfall And Temperature Variations Overtime (1986-2015) In Siaya County, Kenya(2017)

Influence of Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Perception on Climate Change By Fisher's Along Lake Victoria Beaches in Siaya County In Kenya (2017) 

The Effect Of Diminishing UrbanGreen Spaces on Environmental Quality in Kisumu City(2017)

Exploration of Food Culture in Kisumu: A Socio-Cultural Perspective(2017)


Multi-Criterion Optimization of Ecotourism Opportunities within Freshwater Environments: A Planning Outline for Water-Based Recreation at Lake Victoria, Kisumu County(2015)


Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater as Agri-tourism Resource Facilitator: Discourse Analysis for Planning in Developing Nations(2014)


Assessing Water-Based Recreational Activities to Project beach Ecotourism Potentials In Kisumu County(2014)

 Co-Creating Value in Ecotourism Experiences (Tour Guides, Craft Makers and Tourists In Dunga Beach, Kisumu City(2014)

Com Stakeholder Involvement in Tourism Destination Development: A Case of Dunga Beach And Wetland, Kisumu County, Kenya(2014)

Sacred Habitats at Got Ramogi Cultural Landscape: Opportunities and Strategies For Ecotourism In Siaya County, Kenya(2013)

The Nexus Between Environmental Knowledge and Ecotourism Attitude Among The Local Youths In Co-Educational Secondary Schools In Bondo Sub-County, Siaya County, Kenya(2013)


Sustainable Utilisation of Cultural Heritage Sites for Posterity In Kisumu County, Kenya(2013)

Com Upscaling Ecotourism In Kisumu City And Its Environs: Local Community Perspective(2012)

An Examination of the Changing Population Patterns, Plant Diversity and the Origins of Food Plants in Western Kenya since Pre-Colonial Times

Urban History And Cultural Heritage In The Face of Modernisation

 Com Migration By Fishers As An Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change





Prioritising initiatives at the city level to achieve SDGs(2020)

Localisation of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals and the new Urban Agenda in Kisumu, Kenya(2019)

 Engaging with and measuring informality in the proposed Urban Sustainable Development Goal(2016)

Urban sustainable development goals (USDGs) Targets and Indicators: The case of Kisumu(2015)






Applying a Multi-Level Perspective to Examine The Potential Transition To an Accessibility-Based Approach To Transport Planning: Insights From Cities In Sweden, Kenya And South Africa(2019)

 Urban Railway Station Communities In Kisumu: Post Lunatic Express

 Understanding Institutional Structures And Their Role on Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Of Mara River Basin, Kenya(2019))

Local Institutional Landscapes And Information Challenges As A Crucial Element For Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Of Mara River Basin, Kenya(2019)

Accessibility Of Washrooms In Bus Terminals In Western Kenya To Learners With Physical Disability(2017)


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