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In this research market linkages are understood as central places providing a marketing function in which there are flows of people, products and services, natural resources and information that move in both directions.

Key Milestones

 Waste separation infrastructure leading to development of certified organic manure from waste.

 Entrepreneurial growth and development for the local community through recycling of various waste fibre from water hyacinth to plastic wastes to create brand products.

 Capacity building and infrastructural development through equipping of GIS laboratory in the School Spatial Planning with software facilitating access to modern learning platforms.

Co-generation of Energy  and County solid waste management in Markets
The management of solid waste in markets was considered as critical in enhancing  the quality of work environment.  A pilot was underetaken to address the issue of waste management. The piloting activity in the Manyatta Peace market has been implemented in partnership with GasiaPoa, a CSO dealing with waste management in Manyatta. The County Department of Environment has been instrumental in the lessons learning
Part of the bins installed during prototype development for separation of waste at source.

Waste separation infrastructure leading to development of fertilizers from waste
The waste separation pilot at Manyatta peace market was upscaled to Kibuye market with great success. The activity is being led by the KLIP Researchers under Market Places thematic area and City Management Environment Department. The Kibuye Team have managed to use the bio-waste to produce compost manure. This has been standardized and certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. We are now working on designs for packaging and developing a market strategy. In the meantime the manure is being used for the beautification program in the city parks.

Top Governor J Ranguma (In white long sleveed shirt), City Manger D. Ombara (in green jacket) with Dickens -GasiaPoa (in checked shirt) at Kibuye Market demonstrating conversion of waste to compost while below the crushing machine used to prepare manure donated by KLIP through Market Places to Kibuye Waste Management team to enhance production

Linking entrepreneur in paper products from waste with wider market
Using waste recycling to produce paper products is an area that the project is supporting. This is by providing linkages and networks for the partner. The highlight was the Market Places Workshop in March where the materials for the workshop used these paper products. This venture indicated a great potential in technology that recycles various waste fibre to create brand products.

School of Planning and Architecture
Significantly, the GIS laboratory in the School has also been supported with software that has allowed the students in the School to have access to modern learning platforms

GIS Lab School of Planning and Architecture Maseno. GIS Software with support from KLIP-Market Places

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